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HI – I am Violet and I am the Creative Director of Georgie Paws – a business I started when I was 13.
On a long car ride, I asked mum if I could start a business – then Kapow (well, a lot of hard work Kapow) – so many people were wanting Georgie Paws collars, leads, and gifts.

Drawing on equine and fine leather products, I researched loads of different plaits and finishes. I was taught early in life to “buy once and buy the best I could afford”.

I decided to only use Buffalo leather in our collars and leads as it is sustainable, best for sea-loving dogs and uses a lot less chemicals. In fact, every product I design has to be able to return to the earth – we are a low-no-waste business. We run on Solar Power and Rain Water and we shudder when plastic comes into the office as well….

Last year, mum came to work with me as I finished year 12 as it all got a bit hectic. I’m now at UniSA and we have Catherine working with Customer Orders and website, mum now works part-time in Wholesale and Production. I am in charge of everything else, but mainly designing and all the fun stuff!

We have leather craftspeople in Pakistan working with us and coppersmiths in India. I have visited them and they are all wonderfully talented people in a good work environment. I love to be able to help people who don’t have the same opportunities as us. The boss has asked me to help teach them English!

All the work that goes into Georgie Paws other than making the products is done in South Australia.

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19th August 2021