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My name is Megan and a mum to a beautiful baby girl. To be completely honest, when I had my daughter I was thrown into the deep end and I mean deep end. Everyone prepares you for the birth but not what happens after. It was a big learning curve to say the least. This curve peaked at when she stopped being a blob and started her food journey and when she started chewing everything while teething! I assumed that she would eat off plates I ate off, use cutlery I use and boy was I wrong! I even thought a teething toy wasn’t necessary…. I did not lie about being thrown into the deep end. So I decided to open Nestor Avenue for the average person like me, who has no idea what is needed, to be able to afford fun items for their children. My daughter has used all of these products and loves them, so I am sure other kids will too! Most are dishwasher and microwave safe, some are even freezer and oven safe! As most of the products are made out of eco-friendly silicone, you will find that they will last for a long time and the need to re-purchase items will be small, therefore saving you money!

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