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Wyndham Community Vet

Wyndham Community Vet

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Services & Pricing:
Cat Desexing Bundle includes consultation, desex, microchip and vaccination:
🌻Female Cat Desexing Bundle $185
🏀🏀Male Cat Desexing Bundle $155

Consultation $40
Microchip $35
F3 Vaccination $40
Grooming Sanitary Shave $50
Grooming (LION CUT) & nail clip Under Sedation $100-$120

Consultation $40
Microchip $35
C5 Vaccination $50
Nail trim $10

We are a preventative care veterinary clinic offering Affordable Cat Desexing bundles which include free Vaccination and free Microchip.

Our clinic is a registered charity under the umbrella of ‘Give a Kitty a Home Rescue Inc’, run by Women and entirely ‘Not for Profit’.

Why is this important to us ?
Every day, hundreds of Cats and kittens are killed in Australian Pounds due to pet owners not desexing their cats and giving Kittens away Free.

Unaffordable Vet Bills is a huge contributing factor to the over population of cats and thousands of Euthanasia deaths in our Australian Pounds each week.

We aim to bring the Pound Kill number to ZERO! Because no animal should be Euthanised, just because they are scared or homeless !

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10th April 2023