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The Footprint

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The Footprint is a home-based business founded in 2020 in Melbourne, Australia with a vision to help you create beautiful spaces to relax.

We handcraft unique home décor infusing joy and extra bit of love into each piece. Every décor piece from The Footprint collection comes with its own unique story. Most of our designs are inspired by happy ambiences of beautiful tropical beaches.

Along with our passion to create unique home decor to help you create beautiful spaces, our vision is also inspired by the idea of slowing down. Fast-paced mass-produced world that we live in has its own consequences, both on people and the planet. Common factory-made products using cheap material are often discarded after a short period of use ending up in landfills.

At The Footprint, we strive to change the world for better by focussing on high quality unique products slow-made by hand using 98% re-cycled and biodegradable material. We make sure every piece is made to last and enjoyed by beautiful souls like you incorporating them to create beautiful spaces to relax.

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6th April 2023