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The Dinner App is here to make your weeknight dinners easy and delicious.

How often do you get stuck thinking – oh no, what should I make for dinner? It’s 5pm, you can’t face going to the shops and so you end up buying takeaway. Again.
OR you make the same thing you always make… spag bol, anyone?

That’s where we come in. Each week we send you a dinner meal plan of easy, seasonal recipes that you can prepare in under 30 minutes. All you have to do is select whether you want to cook 3 or 4 nights a week, and how many serves you would like to prepare (2, 4 or 6), and then we send you the weekly recipes, directions and categorised shopping list.

Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions (with pictures) so you can stay on track as you cook. If an ingredient is used in a step, we’ll show you the quantity you need so you’re not flicking back and forward between ingredients and method.

Ingredients are cleverly used across the recipes, so you use up all your fresh produce and never buy a whole bunch of basil only to realise you only need a tablespoon of it ever again.

You will also see your weekly shopping list that tells you exactly what you need to buy, based on the number of dinners you are making and your servings. It is categorised so it is super easy to do your shop, whether it is at the supermarket or online. You can check off things you already have before you go, and add any other items that you need to pick up. Everything is organised in the one place.

Because you know exactly what you need, you’ll stop buying things you don’t, which will save you $ and will help our planet. PS. Did you know food is the thing Aussies spend the most on after rent / mortgage? BUT each of us throw out over 300kg of food every year? A little bit of planning, done by us, for you, will go a long way to helping that.

So let us make dinners easy and delicious, so you can get back to doing what is important to you.

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