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Teysha Yoga

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Teysha Yoga is a Bespoke Boutique yoga studio offering HOT YOGA, Inferno Hot Pilates, along with a variety of Yoga and meditation classes in the heart of Mittagong. Welcoming all ages, gender, level of experience, or fitness – this is yoga for everybody. Here at Teysha Yoga, a balance of active and relaxing classes are available, with a real passion to bring the joy and benefits of yoga to people of all walks of life. The mission at Teysha Yoga is to give students a place where they can explore their own yoga, and develop their personal yoga journey in a welcoming, safe and peaceful environment. By inviting a consistent yoga practice into your life; will leave you feeling rejuvenated and refreshed and open the path to positive transformations in life and ultimately creating a calm, peaceful mind and a strong feeling of self-acceptance. Teysha Yoga is for anyone who wants a modern take on a traditional practice.

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3rd August 2021