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PeopleQ is a specialised HR Consulting firm offering organisations and individuals solutions that support and enhance performance growth and outcomes by developing your most critical asset… your people!

We provide tailored leadership and culture solutions to support organisations in building a high performing thriving culture, delivering team & leadership coaching and/or facilitated workshops. programs and conferences.

Our leadership programs and solutions are centred around emotional intelligence or EQ, a skill that is highly demanded in today’s context.

We also offer our unique diagnostic tool PQfactor, measures your employee culture, compares your current performance to trusted benchmarks and uses results to create actionable insights designed to further enable collaboration and growth.

At PeopleQ we believe in driving transformation from the ground up and PQfactor is the tool that gives staff a voice and enhances the overall employee experience.

We truly believe this technology is the first step to uncovering your culture baseline and using real time data to determine what your people priorities are. Don’t let us tell you what they should be, let your people tell you!

With a passion for all things people; Melina & Suria will work with you to create an actionable people strategy that is linked to future outcomes.

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30th January 2023