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Manabaskets – empowering women one basket at at time.
Manabaskets is a social enterprise connected with Australian charity – Manasprings, that engages 200+ highly skilled women basket weavers in Kenya who hand-weave exceptional, one of a kind baskets. Female artisans continue their traditional culture of hand-weaving in sisal, baobab, and up-cycled yarns, in natural tones and bright colours. No two baskets are the same. We love being on this journey of bringing exquisite, slow fashion baskets that help support basket weavers and their families, and also strengthens women in Kenya who care for vulnerable and disadvantaged communities. Seven Collections – all different in design that celebrate local traditions: IMARA, ZAWADI, SUBIRA, PENDA, TAMU, UMOJA and SIFA. We ship from the Gold Coast to retailers via our wholesale website –

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8th November 2023