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For yourSarah Cross is a Melbourne based marketing and profit success coach for female creative entrepreneurs. She’s the founder of the Creative Product Institute, industry speaker and published author. She’s been in the entrepreneurial game since the age of 24 when she started her first business from my kitchen table and received a $30,000 order which was a major turning point for her start-up journey. She grew her corporate hamper service into a nationally recognised, multi-million dollar business. Her business grew rapidly and she sold it for $500,000. She now uses the insights she learned through this business to help clients manage and scale their businesses. Seeing and helping businesses grow and expand is a true passion of hers. She’s taught hundreds of creative product-based female entrepreneurs how to improve their marketing, retail sales, wholesale sales strategy and business growth plans and scale to a 7-figure revenue. To learn more about Sarah and schedule a time to see how she can help you to scale your product sales click this link –

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30th August 2021