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What does Brave & Fearless Stand For? Our passion & promise to you is to provide your family with amazing quality threads that will stand the test of time! Each garment is handmade with love from deep within our SOUL. Each one of our collection’s has a MESSAGE behind it filled with GOOD intention. Brave & Fearless are here to DISRUPT fashion trends. We don’t follow current TRENDS. We create our own TRENDS and we are not defined by FAST FASHION in any way! In fact we pride ourselves on being a SLOW FASHION label. We are a PURPOSE led business. Using our label to change the world for the GREATER GOOD of the planet. But we aren’t just about FASHION. We are here to CHANGE THE WORLD. We believe that KINDNESS ALWAYS WINS and now more than ever we need to acknowledge the global issues in the world and we use our platform to contribute to make a real CHANGE. When you purchase from us you are contributing to the much needed HEALING of the world. Right now your purchase from us will provide 1 of the following: *Provide 2 days of education to a disadvantaged child in Indonesia *Provide 1 km of travel to bring a child home from a child trafficking situation *Plant 1 tree in Borneo to nurture the environment and save an Orangutan *Provide 1 day of nourishing food to a child in India. We are all about AUTHENTICITY + KINDNESS & a little ROCK N ROLL. Help us change lives and restore the planet by shopping with us. Rach x KINDNESS ALWAYS WINS.

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26th July 2021